Tosh & Sons
The Family

The Voyage of A.Tosh began when our visionary founder Ashutosh Ghosh, then a civil contractor in a mercantile firm in India, found his true calling in unravelling the mystery of tea. Driven by his passion, he soon found himself as a purchasing agent for Harrison & Crossfield, one of the leading tea merchants in the United Kingdom.

12bet手机版官网 Over time, Ashutosh Ghosh became an established businessman, enjoying a good rapport and knitting close ties with the British in Colonial India. An array of artefacts and objects d'art from that near-forgotten era in the collection of the Ghosh Family bears evidence and is reminiscent of the mutual trust and association.


The elder son of Ashutosh Ghosh, Prabhash Chandra Ghosh, followed his father's footsteps and initiated the opening of A.Tosh & Sons' first shop as well as an office on Harrison Road in the much sought-after business zone of colonial Calcutta.


The members of the Ghosh Family were well-acquainted with Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, and were instrumental in establishing the headquarters of the Tea Board of India in Calcutta.


Kanailal and Balailal Ghosh were given the privilege of hosting the Queen and Prince Philip in Calcutta during their Commonwealth visit in 1961. Her Majesty was gifted with a beautifully handcrafted ivory casket full of Tosh's teas.

The ancestral house of the Ghosh Family is at Santragachi on the west bank of the Hooghly River. The expansive property is replete with a garden, a pond, and an outbuilding that surrounds the 200-year-old mansion.

Above: Some private moments spent together by the erstwhile as well as current Directors of the company, a look at the ancestral house, and a glimpse of the annual Jagadhatri Puja celebration.

The family takes pride in a 200-year-old place of worship where a 'puja' (or ritual) in honour of our family deity, Goddess Jagadhatri, is performed annually. The ten-day celebration enveloped in mirth and merriment brings the family together year after year at their ancestral home.

The business is today led by the fourth generation of the family. Seated Left to Right:Amitava Ghosh, Ambarish Ghosh, Abhijit Ghosh and Gautam Ghosh.

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