Tosh & Sons

For decades, A.Tosh has been hailed as one of the largest tea traders and exporters from India. This has been made possible by the vision of the management to keep the company ahead of the curve, by continually innovating and investing generously into building infrastructure, adoption of technology, and ongoing development of personnel. The three cities of Calcutta, Bengaluru – (Bangalore), and Coimbatore are home to A.Tosh's offices and manufacturing facilities.

12bet手机版官网 Located on Sokkanur Road in Vadapudur area, our Coimbatore campus is the largest unit spread over an expanse of 12 acres. Nestled among groves of coconut trees, orchards of mango and guava as well as the famed Miyawaki Forest, the Coimbatore campus is truly a Green Campus. The campus hosts production lines for automated cleaning and blending of teas, an ultra-modern tea bag plant equipped with German, Japanese and South Korean machinery, and automated packing line for packeted teas, with nitrogen flushing.

The company has at its disposal 1,80,000 sq. ft. area (1,30,000 sq. ft. in Coimbatore and 50,000 sq. ft. in Calcutta) of warehouse facility for storing raw materials, packing materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. The facility also houses two office buildings; two tea tasting rooms, one for the regular tea blends and the other for flavour blends; a flavour blending room; a cold storage area and deep freezer for speciality/dessert/flavoured teas; in addition to a tastefully constructed eco-friendly guest house.

From the most reliable German engineering to the most advanced Japanese technology, A.Tosh has one of the best tea manufacturing facilities in the world. With automated cleaning and blending systems, automatic carton packing machines, heat sealers with nitrogen flushing attachments and more, our two units (Calcutta and Coimbatore) are capable of producing more than 200 tonnes of tea daily. Our tea bag plant is equipped with machines from Tsubakimoto-Kogyo (Twinkle), HST, Constanta, Wooshin FA, and Maisa.

12bet手机版官网 Our warehouse space with insulated ceilings helps regulate humidity and temperature in the facility. Raw materials and finished goods are stored on pallets and away from the walls, to keep dust and moisture away. We source and store large quantities of tea for our customers to ensure uninterrupted supply of tea of consistent quality all throughout the year. Discrete mezzanine floors have been built to store packaging materials separately.

12bet手机版官网 We maintain the highest global standards for food safety as per GFSI. Our facilities have also received the BRC Issue 7, Grade A certification - considered the Gold Standard in Food Safety and Food Defense. Each product that goes out of our facility can be traced backwards and forwards, from the origin of the teas to the store where the product is retailed.

Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance at our facility. Designed in accordance with the global food safety standards, our units ensure unidirectional flow of man and machine, with a triple-barrier-entry system and a proper demarcation of areas to avoid cross-contamination.

Designed in collaboration with our Japanese partners, all entrances to our facilities have an attached hygiene station, with a secure double-door entry system that allows maintaining the highest order of hygiene.

12bet手机版官网 In addition to food safety, the safety and security of our facilities and staff are of utmost priority. Safety instructions are visible in every corner of the facility. Our campuses are equipped with:

  • Security Guards
  • Earthquake-resistant Structure
  • Lightning Arrestor
  • Yellow Safety Lines
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Circuit Breakers for Electric Shock Proofing
  • Fire Protection and Fighting
  • Safety Gloves & Helmets

Our staff and workers are trained regularly to follow the best industry practices and respond with agility to emergent situations.

Ours is a 12-acre green campus, with over 70% area covered with trees. From mango and guava orchards, coconut grove, to a newly planted Miyawaki Forest, the campus has over 3,000 trees and flowering plants that help in bringing down the temperature in and around the area and also contribute towards raising the water table levels. Our processing, packing and storage facilities are strictly no-tobacco zones, also devoid of any usage or entry of polyethene or similar products.

12bet手机版官网 Please feel free to get in touch with us and we would be happy to schedule a guided tour of the facility for you.

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