Tosh & Sons
A.Tosh Ishimitsu Beverages

In a first-of-its-kind development for the Indian Tea Industry, A.Tosh has collaborated with S. Ishimitsu & Company of Japan to cater to the highly esteemed and discerning Japanese tea market. In doing so, we have established a joint venture - A.Tosh Ishimitsu Beverages India Pvt. Ltd. The JV has been put together with the intention of developing, marketing and selling multi-origin as well as speciality teas in a variety of packing formats into the retail channels of the market, starting with pyramid tea bags.

12bet手机版官网 The commercial production for the JV commenced on June 25, 2019, with Dr. Tomohiro Ishiwaki, President, S. Ishimitsu & Co. Ltd., gracing the occasion, along with the entire Ghosh Family. The joint venture is being led by Mr. Yasunori Uchimurua, Director (Beverage Division Manager, Coffee & Beverages Group, S. Ishimitsu & Co.) and Mr. Amitava Ghosh, Director (Director, A.Tosh & Sons (India) Ltd.).

Initial line of products will include pyramid tea bags as well as handpicked unblended teas in bulk format. All teas packed under the JV are Rainforest Alliance certified.

The production facility follows the very stringent Japanese standards of hygiene and safety. In addition to the modern and state-of-the-art machinery, we have put in place a triple-barrier entry system that takes the standards of our Food Safety and Food Defence measures, keeping in with our BRC certification, to next level.

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